Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Meet Installation Artist Perri Lynch for Electrogals 2011: Gals Gone Wired

Perri Lynch is a Seattle-based artist. Her work examines the relationship between human perception and sense of place. Issues of navigation, intuition, and physical proximity are key components of these investigations. Through combined techniques in sound, light, sculpture, and image, Perri explores many attributes of a place simultaneously.
Perri’s public artworks draw attention to thresholds where land meets sky, sea meets shore, and where one’s inner landscape converges with the outside world, revealing familiar contexts in a new light. Recent permanent, public art projects include: The Seattle Center Skateboard Park, sculptural light installations for two LEED fire stations, and an arts integrated rails-to-trails master plan for Redmond, WA.

In addition to her studio practice and public artworks, Perri performs with the Seattle Phonographers Union. Since receiving her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2001, she has traveled to South India as a Fulbright Scholar and has served as a visiting artist at many colleges and universities. Her favorite instrument is a handheld compass.


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