Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Meet Christi Denton - performing Sat., October 15 at Electrogals 2011: Gals Gone Wired!

Christi Denton is a composer/sound artist who is based in Portland except when she isn’t.  She graduated from Mills College in 2000 with a degree in Music Composition and obtained a graduate certificate from the Centre for Composition of Music Iannis Xenakis in France in 2004.
She's worked on installations in San Francisco including building giant wind chimes in the Castro district, and amplifying exhibits in the Exploratorium. Her piece merge was played at the Spark Festival of Electronic Arts and Music in 2008, and is featured on Her music is also included as part of the exhibit "Six Seconds Around Me" in the CAM_Casoria Contemporary Art Museum in Italy.  This year, she played in the Time Based Art Festival as part of the Ten Tiny Dances/25 concert, and at the end of October, she’ll be performing in Atelier 07 | All in Art Festival in the Netherlands…. She thinks?  She actually has no idea where it is; she just knows she’s performing a 45-minute set via Skype at 6am.  She likes taking on projects that are way too big and complicated and she’s played in every Electrogals concert since 1995.


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