Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Electrogals Festival Day 2: Installations, Composer-In-Residence, Natasha Kmeto, Ableton, and the Listening Room!

Today is day 2 of our festival and we're going strong! The entire festival takes place at Disjecta, and tickets are here.

The gallery will open at noon so that folks can check out the very very cool installations. We have pieces by Perri Lynch and Stephanie Loveless, and a listening room where you can listen to sound-art pieces submitted to us by amazing composers from all over the world. The listening stations are housed in vintage hair dryers (and look so cool!) In addition, (electrogals founder) Heather Perkins will be Composer-In-Residence from 3-6pm, and working on her song "Ernest Borgnine" as part of her 365.52.12 Project. The gallery will continue to be open the rest of the week (minus Heather): Installations can be viewed Tuesday - Thursday 12-6, and Friday and Saturday 12-5 (and it's free).

The listening room will feature works by Amble Skuse, Anna Rubin, Asha Srinivasan, Betsey Biggs, Cecilia Castro, Coralie Lonfat, Debbie Rasmussen, Eleanor Aversa, Elisabeth Mehl Greene, Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Hutch Demouilpied, Jahyun Kim, Jieun Gratia Jeong, Kirsten Volness, Lowell Hutcheson, Mei-Fang Lin, Morgan Young, PoChun Wang, Silk & Olive, Stefanie Lubkowski, Stephanie Loveless, Susan Matthews, Yamila Rios, Yi Wang, Ylva Lund Bergner, Yvonne Freckmann, and Zhao Xiaoyu.

Then tonight at 7pm, Natasha Kmeto will hold a workshop on looping in Ableton Live and give a mini-concert (suggested donation of $5 if you don't have a festival pass). This workshop will center around using effects in Ableton Live to create a more improvisational experience in live applications.  Topics will include mapping, routing, using effects on both live audio and loops and more.


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