Monday, October 10, 2011


Electrogals Festival Day 1: Stephanie Rearick, a Concert, and Timebanking!

Today is the opening day of our week-long festival, and we have some amazing stuff lined up for you throughout the week!  The entire festival takes place at Disjecta, and tickets are here.

Our opening event is tonight at 7pm, when Stephanie Rearick presents a lecture on timebanking followed by a mini-concert.

Dragging our Economy into the 21st Century - it's Women's Work!
Creativity, Caregiving, Civic Engagement, Community Building - Unleashing the core economy to rebuild healthy, vibrant, caring and creative societies.

Since when did we start accepting that our lives, our communities, and our planet exist in service to our economy? Flipping this paradigm is not only possible, it's necessary - and we have everything we need in order to do it, right here, right now. The only barriers are the limits of our imaginations.

I'll give an interactive workshop on what timebanking is and where it's headed, the cool stuff that's starting right now incorporating new technological tools to facilitate global learning communities, and how you can participate right now in your own neighborhoods, using timebanking to realize your dreams. From making an economy that rewards creativity, to starting more urban gardens, to weatherizing homes, to creating restorative justice options for youth and adults, timebanking can bring people together to fix our world and facilitate global economic evolution. I'll also provide tools and support for new and ongoing efforts.

In keeping with the idea that creativity and lots of modes of communication are essential to unlocking the imagination necessary to make social change, I'll also play a short set of relevant music on some small instruments (little keyboard, toy xylophone, voice and trumpet) run through a Boss Loopstation.

I'm Founder and Director of Dane County TimeBank, Interim Co-Director of TimeBanks USA, and Project Coordinator of Time For The World and this will be a stop on a nationwide tour releasing my new album Up The Wall (focused on these themes) and working with local timebanks around the country to help start, support, and document timebanking projects. I'll also be doing public speaking and media appearances for both music and timebanking/ new economic thinking.


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