Sunday, October 2, 2011


Meet Stephanie Rearick - giving a lecture on timebanking and performing Mon., October 10 at Electrogals 2011: Gals Gone Wired!

Stephanie Rearick is a musician, activist and co-owner of Mother Fool's Coffeehouse in Madison Wisconsin. She founded and directs the Dane County TimeBank and from there has spun off into broader work on fixing our economy from the ground up.
Her newest project, Time For the World, focuses on connecting timebanks with other mutual credit systems, complementary currencies, cooperatives and community collaboration and problem-solving efforts in an active community of learning, tool sharing and rapid evolution. She's currently on the road helping to develop training, support and learning networks for DIY economics and playing music in support of her new fifth full-length solo album Up The Wall. Combining her two main passions this way helps her reach a broader audience for both and makes it viable for her to do exactly what she wants with her time, traveling the world meeting great people, playing music for them and working with them to fix our economy so it works for us rather than the other way around.


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