Monday, September 26, 2011


Meet Momilani Ramstrum - performing Sat., October 15 at Electrogals 2011: Gals Gone Wired!

Momilani Ramstrum searched for a way to control the computer while doing vocal improvisation. She investigated existing real time computer control devices and concluded there were no acceptable choices. So she embarked on a journey to design and create a low cost wireless MIDI glove with embedded magnetic sensors.
In her MIDI glove, the digital signals from the magnetic sensors in the glove are converted to MIDI signals and interface via USB with a Pure Data (PD) patch on the computer. The triggering of vocal recording and PD program parameters are manipulated by the MIDI glove controller in real time. Momilani Ramstrum is a composer, musicologist, singer, PD programmer, and interface designer. She authored a DVD-ROM entitled “From Kafka to K....” documenting and analyzing Manoury's electronic opera K.. . She wrote a chapter in Simoni's Analyzing Electroacoustic Music. She published two music theory texts entitled Musical Literacy and Music Theory I Workbook. Dr. Ramstrum is Associate Professor and Music Department Chair at Mesa College in San Diego.
  • San Diego, Choreographers Concert, 2008
  • Missouri, Innovations 2009
  • New York, NYCNMF, 2009
  • San Francisco, New Music Chamber Wind Festival, 2009
  • New York, New York, ICMC, 2010
  • San Diego, CA, Alumni Music Festival, UCSD, 2011
  • Lexington, Kentucky, Studio 300,
  • Digital Art and Music Festival, 2011
  • Portland, Oregon, Electrogals Festival, 2011


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